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Senior Engineer
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Video & Photography

If you are a hiring manager or with a talent agency. I am a highly experienced Senior
Broadcast IT Engineer with knowledge of many things from studio operations, broadcast, news,
RF - including 1000' towers, live Prime Time Broadcasts with 70' video trucks.
Please contact me at:  (470) 606 - 6190 voice - text. I would be happy to discuss your needs
and how my deep skillsets may benefit your operation.

Can you see the double rainbow?   

 Sunset at Panama City Beach

Tony  Entrekin 
Engineering Design, Installation, & Maintenance
Field Service
Photography - Video Production & Editing
Currently based in Atlanta Ga.

 Wedding, Sports, & Corporate Video & Photography

       Auto Photography  



    Landscape & Architectural Video & Photography   

 Sea Doo jet boat




    Midtown Atlanta                  

     Tara at Central Park Macon Ga-Nikpn fill flash with the sun highlighting her hair.

      Photography by Tony  470 606 - 6190

Tony Entrekin Photography & Video

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Sea Doo at Shell Island     

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